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I have more than 80 journal and conference papers .‪Mehdi Bijari‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Some of them listed below:

M. Bijari  , "Optimal  Design of Water Networks",  Journal of Water, No. 5,  

  Isfahan   Commitee  of water research, 1991.

M. Bijari , Rasul Haji, "The Single Period  (News- vendor) Problem With Stochastic

  Initial Inventory" ,   International Journal of Engineering Science,  Vol. 15, 2004.

Arezo Atighechian , Mehdi Bijari , Hamed Tarkesh , "A novel hybrid algorithm for scheduling steel making continuous casting problem" Computer & operations researchs ,


Mehdi Khashei, Mehdi Bijari "Improvement of Auto-Regressive Intergrated Moving Average using Fuzzy logic and Artificial Neural Networks" , Neurocomputing 2009

Mehdi Khashei, Mehdi Bijari , A new hybrid methodology for nonlinear time series forcasting , Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, 2011

Sharzad Derakhshan, Mehdi Bijari ,  Integrated Production and Non-cyclical Maintenance Planning in Flow Shop Environment with Limited Buffer,International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering,2023

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